"The Fearless Foursome" 1950s

They played golf at the Maysville Country Club for years. L to R Robert N. Adair, Frank Russell, Milton Russell and W.W. Weis.

Dr Daniel Drake, Raised In Maysville

Pioneer Life In Kentucky
By Albert Nathaniel Drake

Doctor Daniel Drake, an infant, when his family moved soon after the Revolutionary War from New Jersey to Maysville, Kentucky, grew to help his pioneer family make a life in a one room cabin. When still a boy he learned medicine from a local doctor. He extended his knowledge at the University of Pennsylvania and eventually became recognized nationwide. He also traveled extensively throughout the mid west, gathering and then writing about environmental facts. He founded several medical facilities and Drake Center thrives today in Cincinnati as a contemporary institution from old roots. He was also a teacher, and a prolific writer. When 60 years old, he wrote a series of letters to his children describing his pioneer culture plus many wise philosophical observations. His son, Charles Drake, a Missouri Senator, printed the letters as a book in 1880 and it was reprinted in 1999 by Albert Nathaniel Drake, who shares his New Jersey ancestry. Since the reprint, there has been a steady demand for the classic book.

Daniel Drake(1785-1852)
“Most influential physician who has ever lived in our city”
“The Benjamin Franklin of the West”

 Born in New Jersey in 1785, raised in Maysville, KY
 Moved to Cincinnati in 1800 to be the apprentice of Dr. William Goforth
 Awarded a medical diploma in 1804 (first in the West) and becomes Goforth’s partner
 Obtains an M.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1816; first M.D. in Cincinnati
 In 1817, on founding faculty of the Medical Department of Transylvania University in Lexington, KY
 Daniel Drake's Medical Contributions
 Obtained charter for Medical College of Ohio in 1819
 Obtained charter for Cincinnati Commercial Hospital in 1820
 Helped found the Medical Department of the Cincinnati College in 1835
 Member of faculty of Jefferson Medical College (Philadelphia), Louisville Medical Institute
 Founded Cincinnati’s first Eye Infirmary in 1827
 Created and edited The Western Medical and Physical Journal in 1827

Maysville Fountain 1899

From the Kentucky Historical Society archives. Where was it located ?

General George Lewis

LEWIS'S STATION Re-settled by Gen. LEWIS in 1789, formerly called Geo CLARK'S Station - where Lewisburg now is, Mason Co, 9 miles from Maysville. Additional information about George Lewis is welcome. Email to: kendownin@gmail.com

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe visited this home in Washington, Mason County, Kentucky (Photograph date some time between 1900-1954). While visiting in Washington she saw slaves sold at public auction which was the basis of her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. Now the Harriet Beecher Stowe, Slavery to Freedom Museum, open all Festivals and most Saturdays 12-4, Sundays 1-4.
Credit Jeremy

Mason County Development Project

This is an artist's rendition of the proposed major development project in Mason County. Click on the pic to enlarge

Is This The Future of Mason County ?

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Limestone, Kentucky

Yes Virginia, there is a Limeston Kentucky. It is an unincorporated village near Olive Hill in Carter County.

Frank ( Don ) Hurst

Frank (Don) Hurst
1934 Goudey Gum Baseball Card #33... Words on back of card

Philadelphia Phillies Baseball History
Began his professional career as a pitcher for Paris, Texas in the Blue Grass League in 1924, but was such a hard hitter, that he decided to shift to the outfield. He later began playing first base. Hurst has been holding down first sack for the Philadelphia Club since 1928. He has four times batted over the .300 mark in the National League. Last year his average fell to .267.
Hurst is a six footer, weighing around 190 pounds. He bats left-handed, but throws right-handed. He was born in Maysville, Ky., in 1905.

1847 Collin's History of Kentucky

This is the first four pages of the Mason County chapter of Lewis Collin's 1847 History of Kentucky. They were copied from an original edition which is 160 years old and has been in our family for many, many, years. In the near future we intend to donate the book to the Kentucky Gateway Center in Maysville.

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