Mason County vs Simon Kenton 1981

The largest crowd to ever watch a high school basketball game crowded into Rupp Arena to see Mason County and Simon Kenton play for the Ky. Boys' State Championship
Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY
March 22, 1981

Traxel Restaurant & Jewelry Store History

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The following was sent to me by long time friend Bill Traxel
The man in the Traxel's Bread Wagon photo is Uncle Frederick Traxel. He was my grandfather's uncle. Frederick was born in 1858, the youngest of six children and one of three who were born after the family left Germany. Frederick was the founder of Traxel's Restaurant around 1878. Frederick never married and he died in his late thirties. My grandfather joined him in the restaurant around 1891, and the restaurant prospered under his management. Grandfather died in 1925 and my grandmother was unable to run it. She sold it to Louis Cablish, a cousin of my grandfather's. Louis ran the restaurant until the late 1950's when it closed. Traxel's Restaurant was also a bakery. It was famous for its ice cream, made on the premises, and its cakes Traxel's Jewelry Store came into existence around 1912, when my Dad's Uncle Charlie bought the business from Rosemary's Grandfather Andrew Clooney and (John?) Perrine. Dad graduated from Ohio State in 1931 with a degree in civil engineering. He worked for the US Department of Interior in their Geodesic Survey until 1935. He returned to Maysville in 1935 to oversee his terminally ill mother, and he began a new career, working for his uncle in the jewelry store. When Dad died, my brother, Charlie, took over the store. Now my nephew, Drew, who represents the fourth generation of Traxels in the store, owns it.
Y'all come back ya hear !
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