Simon Kenton

Clift in his "History of Maysville and Mason County Kentucky" recounts:
'Kenton spent most of his time at the mouth of Limestone Creek where boats were appearing daily. He knew the trails of his beloved country, the distances and dangers: it was his self-appointed duty to guide, warn and welcome the various parties that edged their cautious ways into the creek that was beginning to be known at Fort Pitt as "the landing port" of northern Kentucky.'

Retired Maysville Fire Fighters

Retired members attending the first dinner in 2007 were, sitting: Chief Stanley McGowan, Assistant Chief Stanley Gulley, Chief Fred Breeze. Standing: Assistant Chief Wayne Muse, Scotty Howard, John Stahl, Assistant Chief Jack Fultz, Dale Helphinstine, Doug Earls, Laddie Mitchell and Rusty Thomas.

Biography of General William Yarnel SLACK

Born August 1 1816, Mason County KY
Died March 21 1862, Moore's Mill AR
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Mexican War. War Service 1861 Brig. Gen. of Missouri State Guard, Carthage, Springfield (w), Elkhorn Tavern (w), died of wounds, promoted Brig. Gen. posthumously.

Mason County vs Simon Kenton 1981

The largest crowd to ever watch a high school basketball game crowded into Rupp Arena to see Mason County and Simon Kenton play for the Ky. Boys' State Championship
Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY
March 22, 1981

Traxel Restaurant & Jewelry Store History

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The following was sent to me by long time friend Bill Traxel
The man in the Traxel's Bread Wagon photo is Uncle Frederick Traxel. He was my grandfather's uncle. Frederick was born in 1858, the youngest of six children and one of three who were born after the family left Germany. Frederick was the founder of Traxel's Restaurant around 1878. Frederick never married and he died in his late thirties. My grandfather joined him in the restaurant around 1891, and the restaurant prospered under his management. Grandfather died in 1925 and my grandmother was unable to run it. She sold it to Louis Cablish, a cousin of my grandfather's. Louis ran the restaurant until the late 1950's when it closed. Traxel's Restaurant was also a bakery. It was famous for its ice cream, made on the premises, and its cakes Traxel's Jewelry Store came into existence around 1912, when my Dad's Uncle Charlie bought the business from Rosemary's Grandfather Andrew Clooney and (John?) Perrine. Dad graduated from Ohio State in 1931 with a degree in civil engineering. He worked for the US Department of Interior in their Geodesic Survey until 1935. He returned to Maysville in 1935 to oversee his terminally ill mother, and he began a new career, working for his uncle in the jewelry store. When Dad died, my brother, Charlie, took over the store. Now my nephew, Drew, who represents the fourth generation of Traxels in the store, owns it.

"On the C. and O. Looking West"

Looking down Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad railroad tracks in Maysville. C&O looking west toward the depot in the distance. Trestle is over Wall Street. The factory at the left is January and Wood Cotton Mill that was established in 1834
Date ca. 1899

Did You Know ?

Long time Mason County jailer Lloyd Berry was a 6 times president of the Kentucky Jailer's Association. Lloyd was elected in 1973, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1979 and 1982

Allen Smith - Gone But Not Forgotten

Allen “ Smitty “ Smith, Maysville High School class of 1958, is arguably the best all around MHS athlete ever. Basketball or baseball Smitty could do it all. A diminutive five foot eight inches and maybe a 140 pounds, his size gave no clues to his athletic ability. He could dunk a basketball with both hands. Shoot a left handed jump shot before jump shots became popular. Quick as a cat he could slash to the basket with the best of them. His scoring prowess places him number two ( 2 ) on the all time MHS scoring list with 1,975 points. As a baseball player he was nothing short of outstanding. I don’t have his high school baseball statistics but I can tell you that he probably hit for over .400 for his high school career. However, it was his pitching that drew raves. In 1958 he pitched the Dogs into the state baseball tournament and then pitched every game in the tournament to give the Dogs its only state baseball title. In 1959 Smitty attended LSU on a baseball scholarship. His pitching record, at LSU, is nothing short of sensational. 1960 he won 5 and lost 5 with an ERA of 2.31, 1961 he was 10 and 2 with an ERA of 1.34 and in 1962 he was 7 and 2 with an ERA of 1.93.
His three years total were: 22 wins and 9 losses. An ERA of 1.82 in 237 innings. He gave up 107 hits, 75 runs, 48 earned runs, walked 73 and struck out 175. In 1961 LSU went 22 and 5 and won the SEC Championship. Allen Smith was named 1st team All American.

Smitty grew up on Houston Avenue the only child of Mr and Mrs George Smith. He married Sandra Case the daughter of Mr and Mrs Linville Case. Allen Smith was a really, really, nice guy

Maysville's KY Poet Laureates

Maysville Produced Two of Kentucky's Poet Laureates
An article published by the Ledger-Independent in 1975 points out that Maysville was the home of two of Kentucky's poet laureates. Both Henry T. Stanton and Mrs. Eleanor Duncan Wood immortalized Kentucky scenes through their writings. Stanton was the editor for two early Maysville papers and contributed many articles to periodicals printed during the 1850s before becoming an Adjutant General under John C. Breckinridge and John Hunt Morgan. In the last years of his life, he devoted much of his time to writing poetry. Mrs. Wood, who wrote in the early 1900s, won a state award for her poem about soldiers during World War I. Her words are cast in bronze at the University of Kentucky. Ledger Independent Article
and Jeremy Parnell

Elisha Winfield Green

One of the Founders of the Kentucky Normal and Theological Institute--Now the State University at Louisville; Eleven Years Moderator of the Mt. Zion Baptist Association; Five Years Moderator of the Consolidated Baptist Educational Association and Over Thirty Years Pastor of the Colored Baptist Churches of Maysville and Paris.

Kentucky Boat

This is a Kentucky Boat, the form of transportation most
early settlers used to get to Maysville. After reaching Maysville,
it was common to set them adrift, or sell them, cheaply, for the timber

Born In Mason County KY ca 1871

Aaron Billstein was the son of Alexander Billstein and Louisa Loblein. He was the twin brother of Albert K Billstein. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia with a Medical Degree. He practiced medicine in Baltimore, MD and later joined his brother Nathan's publishing business. He died in Baltimore, MD on Nov 15, 1933.

BIM 7 1/4" barrel-shaped whiskey in olive amber coloration. Sold on consignment by Reggie Lynch to the Mason County Museum in Maysville, KY.

Alexander Doniphan

Bronze Statue of Alexander Doniphan on the Courthouse Square in Richmond, Missouri

Orator, jurist, statesman, soldier and Christian gentleman, was born in Mason County, Kentucky, July 9, 1808, and died in Richmond, Missouri, August 8, 1887. He was of immense stature, noble appearance, brilliant parts, fearless, of great moral courage,
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