Elisha Winfield Green

One of the Founders of the Kentucky Normal and Theological Institute--Now the State University at Louisville; Eleven Years Moderator of the Mt. Zion Baptist Association; Five Years Moderator of the Consolidated Baptist Educational Association and Over Thirty Years Pastor of the Colored Baptist Churches of Maysville and Paris.

Kentucky Boat

This is a Kentucky Boat, the form of transportation most
early settlers used to get to Maysville. After reaching Maysville,
it was common to set them adrift, or sell them, cheaply, for the timber

Born In Mason County KY ca 1871

Aaron Billstein was the son of Alexander Billstein and Louisa Loblein. He was the twin brother of Albert K Billstein. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia with a Medical Degree. He practiced medicine in Baltimore, MD and later joined his brother Nathan's publishing business. He died in Baltimore, MD on Nov 15, 1933.

BIM 7 1/4" barrel-shaped whiskey in olive amber coloration. Sold on consignment by Reggie Lynch to the Mason County Museum in Maysville, KY.

Alexander Doniphan

Bronze Statue of Alexander Doniphan on the Courthouse Square in Richmond, Missouri

Orator, jurist, statesman, soldier and Christian gentleman, was born in Mason County, Kentucky, July 9, 1808, and died in Richmond, Missouri, August 8, 1887. He was of immense stature, noble appearance, brilliant parts, fearless, of great moral courage,
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