The Latch String Is Out

Jesuit Scientist Al Fritsch Serves Appalachia Through His Solar Ministry

Sixty-nine year-old Jesuit Al Fritsch may not seem like the typical scientist. His headquarters, located in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky, hardly seems a standard control center for scientific research. But in this Appalachian region, Father Al Fritsch, along with the Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest (ASPI), has been researching environmental solutions for the last 25 years. His mission? To teach those around him and across the country to value the earth.

Born on a farm in Maysville, Kentucky, Al gained an appreciation for nature early on. He received his doctorate in chemistry and was immersed in his theological studies when the environmental movement in the United States took shape. Father Al belongs to the Chicago province of the Society of Jesus

His book, The Latch String Is Out” is a wonderful story of growing up in Mason County.

Read It Here

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