Maysville Fires

The Maysville Fire Department for a lot of years

The Parker Tobacco Company fire got me to thinking about other local fires. In the early 1950s there was the Modern laundry fire at the corner of Second and Wall streets. In 1956-57 there was a big fire at the then Texaco storage facility on Lexington Street extension across from Wald Park. In the late 1970s there was a big fire at Carpenter Motors on Second Street. It was where the empty lot is next to the OTB and of course a few years ago the fertilizer plant fire owned by Cargill. We also shouldn’t forget the burning of the Washington school. It was arson but never proven and no one was ever arrested. These are from memory in recent times. Of course there was the Opera Theatre fire in the 1890s.
If anyone remembers others, please tell us in the comment section.


ruby1968 said...

Did you forget king burley warehouse where the new library is in the early 80's and also the tobacco warehouses on commerce and hall alleys.

Ken Downing said...

I sure did forget. Thanks for the post

Y'all come back ya hear !
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