William G. Kenton 1941-1981

This Maysville native was elected to Kentucky House in 1969. Became Speaker in 1976 at age 34 and served until death. Achievements include leading legislative independence movement and increasing public participation in government. William Kenton's legislative service continued tradition of grandfather W.T. and great-grandfather Eldrige Kenton.

Many will remember Bill Kenton, with the big booming voice, on the PA system at Bulldog basketball games in the late 50s


Ron Lytle said...

Would this also be the same lineage as Simon Kenton ?

BTW : I'll be on my way to Maysville this weekend for my summer visit to see family and friends.

Staying at the French Quarter Inn of course.
Cannot wait to get there !!!!

Mason County Native said...

Yep Bill was a descendent of ole Simon

Y'all come back ya hear !
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