Sept 28, 1861 Harper's Weekly

The Rebel General Albert S. Johnston, Commanding on the Mississippi.

THE telegraph announces that ALBERT SYDNEY JOHNSTON, late Colonel United States Army, and commander-in-chief of the army of Utah, has been appointed by Jeff Davis to command the rebel forces on the Mississippi. We publish his portrait herewith.

Albert S. Johnston was born in Mason County, Kentucky, in 1803, and is consequently fifty-eight years of age. After the usual school training young Johnston was adopted by the United States, and educated at their expense at their Military Academy at West Point. On graduating he entered the 6th Infantry, and was ordered to the West. During the Black Hawk war he acted as Adjutant General, President Lincoln being at the time a captain of volunteers.. At the close of the war he resigned his commission, and resided first in Missouri, next in Texas. War breaking out in the latter State, he entered the Texan army as a private, and rose to high distinction. He afterward filled the post of Secretary of War. On the annexation of Texas to the United States Johnston raised a partisan troop, which he commanded, and accompanied General Taylor to Monterey. At the close of the Mexican war he returned to his plantation ; but being in embarrassed circumstances, was glad to accept from the United States the post of Paymaster, which was generously bestowed upon him by the Government. Under Pierce, Mr. Jefferson Davis, then Secretary of War, made Johnston Colonel of the 2d Cavalry, and he subsequently received the command of the Southwestern Military District. At the outbreak of the war with Utah he was chosen, over many more skilled officers, to command the expedition which crossed the plains. He continued to fill that post—being, in fact, dictator in the country which he occupied–until the rebellion took place, when he traitorously abandoned his flag. He is believed to have made energetic attempts to induce California and Oregon to join the rebels, but to have been foiled by the common sense of our Pacific brethren and the sagacious measures adopted by Government.He is now, as we stated, in command of the rebels on the Mississippi, and will have to deal with General Fremont.

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