History of A Building

"If you know the history of Maysville, you would know that this building, as with so many buildings in Maysville, has its own history. Previous occupants included businesses such as a G.W. Blatterman's Drugs and Paint Store which was started in 1872 and lasted until the 1890s, Maysville Bank from the 1890s until 1925, and C.L. Vance's Drug which opened in 1925 and became a popular meeting place for all ages because of the new soda fountain that he operated and remained opened until its closure in the late 1960s. In 1989, Judy Pfeffer opened an attractive shoe store called the Fashion Footwear that remained there until the building was sold by the Traxel family. The Traxel family had owned and rented the building since early 1900s. The new owner purchased the building in 1997 and opened up the Izzy B's Restaurant that lasted until 2002 when the owner leased the retail space to Planet Earth Cafe. In 2004the building was sold to the Parnell family of South Carolina that then leased the retail space to the Homefront Cafe. Building is located at the corner of Second and Court Streets
Credit Jeremy Parnell

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