Kentucky Gateway Museum Center

A world class museum and research center. Tons of info about the history and people of Maysville Mason county. Click the title to access their web site.


Anonymous said...
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Angus stamper said...

I have two old pictures of pencil art believe the artist is from Maysville Kentucky they was framed in McKays studio in flowers they are drawings of horses drawn with pencils and have the letter A on the bottom of the picture trying to find out who the artist is or where they come from you can help me please send me an email at ajtrucking.as25

William Weaver said...

I enjoyed and related to the blog. No last name but was the town "Juicey". I when to Sixth Ward, Forest Avenue and the 7 & 8th grade at the high school. I have wondered why the First DISTRICT but Six WARD. Where were ever a 2 3 4 ward/ district schools?

Y'all come back ya hear !
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