Former Maysville Mayor Killed

According to page 102 of History Of Kentucky "5-May 1862-Duel in Bracken Co. near Dover, with rifles at 60 yards, between Wm. T. Casto, formerly Mayor of Maysville, and Col. Leonidas Mercalf. Casto challenged, because Metcalf had arrested and sent him to prison to Camp Chase, causing him to be confined there, and at Fort Warren for several months, at the first fire, Casto was shot through from side to side, just below the heart and died a few minutes later" The Lexington Observer and Reporter of May, 10, 1862 stated that "Casto, it is said fired at the word one, Metcalf at two." There is a historical marker in Bracken Co. on the Mason Co. Line, KY8, County (state marker 996).

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