Accused In Theft, Mayor Quits

In 1968 a friend and I had a local weekly radio program on WFTM called “ Jaycee Straight Talk.”
The late Roy Redmond, station manager, donated the airtime as a public service. We would interview various local civic and business leaders on a variety of topics. We had scheduled the Mayor, Ernest Heinisch, to appear on the program. Earlier in the day of the scheduled interview bank examiners and Federal agents visited The State National Bank. The bank was closed and arrests were made. Needless to say we didn’t get to interview the mayor.
It had something to do with issuing loans to people who resided in the Maysville cemetery
The following article appeared in the New York Times
September 13, 1968, Friday

MAYSVILLE, Ky., Sept. 12 (UPI) -- The Maysville City Commission accepted "with sadness" tonight the resignation of Mayor Ernest Heinisch, 50 years old, who faces charges of bank embezzlement. Mr. Heinisch is a former vice president of the Maysville State National Bank.

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