Mason County Elevations

Mason County Elevation Above Sea Level

When you leave downtown Maysville and drive up the U.S. 68 hill did you ever wonder how high you drove ?

The Ohio River is the area of lowest elevation. The lowest point, the normal pool level of the Ohio River, is 485 feet. The valley flats of the Ohio are about 520 to 530 feet.

Ridgetop elevations of 900 feet are common throughout the county. The highest elevation in the county, 1,000 feet, is found on a ridge 1.5 miles west of Mays Lick on the drainage divide between Licking River and the North Fork of the Licking River.

The city hall of Maysville has an elevation of 520 feet. Elevations of other communities are Dover, 520 feet; Germantown, on the Mason-Bracken County line, 960 feet; Helena, 830 feet; Lewisburg, 750 feet; Mays Lick, 898 feet; Minerva, 940 feet; Orangeburg, 761 feet; Sardis, 945 feet; and Washington, 900 feet.

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