Pioneer Forts In Mason County

Henry Lee's Station (1785), Maysville.
Simon Kenton's Station (3) (1784), on Limestone Creek three miles southwest of Maysville. The town was originally named Limestone.
Bailey's Station (2) (1791), three miles west of Maysville, one mile north of Washington.
Arthur Fox's Station (date ?), Washington.
Basley's Station (1790's), Washington. (same as Bosley's Station below ?)
Bosley's Station (1793), south of Washington, one mile above the main fork of Wells Creek.
Wells' Station (date ?), undetermined location.
George Mafford's (Fort) Station (1787), Washington, built of flatboat planks after family descended down Ohio River. Also spelled Mefford. Marker on Main Street.
John Kenton's Station (1780's), one-half mile south of Washington.
Curtis' Station (date ?), about two miles southwest of Washington.
Thomas Waring's Station (1785), two miles from Maysville.
James McKinley's Blockhouse (1785), near Lewisburg.
George Lewis' Station (1789), Lewisburg. Originally known as George Clark's Station (2) (1785 - 1788). A cabin may have been built here as early as 1780.
Edmund Bryne's Station (date ?), somewhere on the North Fork Licking River. Also spelled Byne.
Whaley's Station (date ?), undetermined location.

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Anonymous said...

Great historical blog. Thanks for taking the time to post such information. My ancestors reputedly were settlers of the Curtis, Whaley, and Clarke stations in Mason co. Would you know if any more research has been done on these particular early forts and their settlers?

Y'all come back ya hear !
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