Henry Cutter Died In Maysville, KY

To the Memory of Henry Cutter.
Died September 29, 1840, at Maysville, Kentucky, Mr. HENRY CUTTER, aged about forty years. Among the many victims who have been suddenly prostrated in the flower of their years and the fulness of their strength by that fell destroyer, the cholera, there was
none whose inoffensive life, whose active usefulness and unassuming worth were more generally recognized, or whose death is more deeply deplored as a common calamity by the community of which he was so valued a member. Amiable in his disposition, urlmne and social in his intercourse with the world, an open hand and a liberal heart, punctual and scrupulously correct in all his business transactions, of stern integrity and a high and delicate sense of honor ; he was a man very dearly beloved bv his friends and sincerely respected by all who knew him. Emigrating to this city many years ago from another State, he so lived as to draw to himself the warm
affection and unshaken confidence of a community into which he came a stranger from a distant land ; and while, by his energy and enterprise, he became a most important and useful member of the business community, the attractive virtues of his character rendered him no less an ornament of the social circle of which he was the life. Having by his industry and energy amassed a large property, he was ever liberal and free m his contributions to works of public utility as well as private charity. We understand that he has left a large circle of relatives in Massachusetts, his native
State, who will feel his death as a calamity not to be repaired.

Maysville Eagle

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