Kentucky State Guard, Mason County 1861

Mason Artillery, Maysville, Kentucky, was commissioned on April 27, 1861. Officers were J. Nelson, Captain; Jerry F. Young, 1st Lieutenant; William Forman, 2nd Lieutenant; and Henry E. Pogue, 3rd Lieutenant.

Mason Rifles, Maysville, Kentucky, commissioned on March 1, 1861. Of- ficers were: Charles C. Cady, Captain; H. N. Cox, 1st Lieutenant; George W. Sulser, 2nd Lieutenant; S. T. Foreman, 3rd Lieutenant.

Ringgold Artillery, Mayslick, Mason County, Kentucky, was commissioned on May 10, 1861. Officers were: Thomas W. Wheatley, Captain; John Small, 1st Lieutenant; Joshua H. Watson, 2nd Lieutenant; and Charles Clarke, 3rd Lieutenant.

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