John Primble, Maysville, KY

Search “ John Primble “ anywhere and you will probably find the name Maysville, KY. However, John Primble pocket knives were never made in Maysville. Here’s the scoop:

John Primble is the longest continuous cutlery line in America. Over 145 continuous years.

John Primble ("Goods of Honour")is a Belknap Hardware (and Manufacturing Co) house brand knife. Some other Belknap Brands were Cyclone, Crusader, Belmont, Old Kentucky Home, Pride of Kentucky and Pine Knot. Primble knives (not those stamped Prussia or Germany) were manufactured under contract by Camillus, Boker, Schrade, Utica and Case.

A business consortium in Maysville, Kentucky purchased the Primble India Steel Works trademark. This group also operates the Blue Grass Cutlery Corporation in Manchester, Ohio. In the late 1980's they released new knives bearing John Primble- India Steel Works with the date of manufacture. (Note: The new cutlery company has continued the pocket knife traditions of the old. Blue Grass Cutlery makes brand new pocket knives, etc. that includes the John Primble, Blue Grass and Winchester brands) Belknap while obviously a hardware and manufacturing leader, is also remembered for its pocket knives. By the 1800's, pocket knives were its primary lines of merchandise. The company carried Russell, I*XL and LF & C, then introduced its own brands; Blue Grass, Pine Knot, Jas. W. Price and most noteworthy, the John Primble brand.

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