Mason County Cold Case

State Police Request Help Resolving Ralph Bigelow Murder

April 27,1989

On Thursday April 27,1989 at approximately 0900 hours, Ralph Bigelow was killed at his barn while feeding his horses, by a person or persons unknown. The barn was located on Ky. 596, Salem Ridge Road in Mason County. An investigation of the scene revealed that Mr. Bigelow had been shot multiple times by a shotgun, and robbed of approximately $3000.00 in cash.

Detectives are requesting help from the community or anyone who might have information on the robbery and homicide of Ralph Bieglow. Anyone with information can contact the case officer Detective Sherman Royse with the Kentucky State Police Post 8 Morehead, Kentucky at (606) 784-4127 or e-mail him at

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Anonymous said...

I remember the news about Mr Bigelow very well for he was a neighbor to my "family" in the highland heights subdivision. It was ALSO the year when my 'grandfather' passed away. He passed on Dec 15th of ' grandparents lived on Salem ridge 4 awhile at 1 time.. they farmed 4 a long time and moved quite a bit from farm 2 farm renting.

Y'all come back ya hear !
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