The Russell Home

If the Russell Theatre is architecturally the most interesting commercial building in downtown Maysville, then the Gothic Revival home directly across Third Street is perhaps the most intriguing residence. It too shares a heritage with the Russell family of Maysville and was home to at least three generations of the Tom Russell family. Older folks can remember Tom Russell and his wife, Beatrice, who lived in the house for many years. Tom Russell died and Trice leased rooms to tobacco buyers and others before her death. The Tom Russells had three sons, Chris, Barbour and Milton Russell, and it was Milton and his family who inherited the rambling three-story home built of red brick, gray stone and pink marble. Woody Russell, Milton’s wife, had lived in the home for many years before her death. Actually, the house was built in 1886 by two brothers, George and William Cox…Rooms on the lower floors are huge with massive woodwork and large openings between the double parlors on the ground floor. Stained-glass windows and inlaid stone are other features that make the Russell house unique and unforgettable…

(Portions of an editorial by Robert Hendrickson, editor of the Ledger-Independent, Maysville, Ky., Wednesday, February 12, 1997)

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Jeremy said...

That's always been my favorite home downtown. It's absolutely beautiful. I think it was for sale a few years back, but I'm not totally sure about that.

Y'all come back ya hear !
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