A Lesson That Daisy Taught

A Lesson that Daisy Taught. One of my favorite homily/retreat
stories is how our milk cow Daisy (they all had names) taught me as a mere youth. Once and only once this occurred. I was perhaps ten and Iwas sent back into the field to find the cow that was laden with a calfand bring her to the barn. As always, when calving occurs it is generally in a remote corner of the farm. When I found Daisy the big event had occurred and a little wet blond calf was staggering around. At the same time heavy dark clouds were piling up in the western horizon, and I was old enough to know that it would most likely storm in a short while. The calf was too heavy for me to carry such a distance. I panicked as the cow would circle back to the calf as I tried to drive her home. The dance lasted a few moments and then I almost gave up.
Daisy gave me a nudge and I looked back and there she was with the calf right behind. I walked faster and faster and the animals followed -- the only time I ever knew this to happen to me. We three reached the barn before any downpour. The lesson I learned that stormy night was not to drive others, but to lead them. Things go better that way.

From The Latch String Is Out
by Al Fritsch, S.J.
Father Al Fritsch was born and raised in Mason County

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