Maysville Transit System


The Maysville City Commission in an Ordinance dated March 12, 1883 authorized streetcars. The Ordinance provided that they be drawn “by mules only”. ( Why not horses ? Politics ? )

An Ordinance dated May 1, 1890 abolished the mule-drawn cars to make way for electrically powered cars. The Cochran family originally owned the electrically powered cars, but later they became the property of the Kentucky Power and Light Company.

The Maysville Transit Company replaced the streetcars on January 1, 1937. The first nickel fare to be dropped into the Transit Company fare box was from Miss Kathryn Greenlee, daughter of City Patrolman and Mrs. Russell Greenlee. When the Transit Company made the last run on New Year’s Eve night in 1941 at the expiration of their five-year franchise, the last nickel to be dropped into the fare box came from the purse of Miss Greenlee.

The Transit System evolved over the years under the guidance of such prominent families as the Hardymon’s, Tomlin’s and the Duke’s until the City of Maysville took over the system in 1960.

The City of Maysville has been providing public transportation for its citizens for over 40 years.

Courtesy of The City of Maysville

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